Review of Shadow and Bone Series

I did it. I read a book just because I wanted to watch the series on Netflix and I absolutely refuse to watch something before I read the book. Anyone else? Overall, it is a great series. My one complaint echoes the ones I've seen everywhere. There is just too much trope. Love triangle trope. [...]

A Review of the Divergent Series

I read the Divergent Series (Several years after the fad) and I don’t agree with the rest of the world. I didn’t like it over all. Oh, and this is also a snap shot of my day and why it took me three weeks to write this review. Messy pasta and toddlers aside, here is [...]

The Case for Redemptive Fantasy

“I don’t read fantasy because I don’t want to waste time with things that aren’t real.” Better yet: “I refuse to read fantasy because it goes against God.” The first is a statement I’ve heard dozens of times from Christians and nonbelievers alike. I think you can guess who said the second. Can we just [...]