A Review of the Divergent Series

I read the Divergent Series (Several years after the fad) and I don’t agree with the rest of the world.

I didn’t like it over all.

Oh, and this is also a snap shot of my day and why it took me three weeks to write this review.


Messy pasta and toddlers aside, here is my take on the Divergent series.

The first book, Divergent, had me at the first word and didn’t release me until I closed the book. The second book, Allegiant, lost me at the second chapter and never really found me until the final pages of the third book, Insurgent.

Divergent was everything I hoped it would be. The next page gripping, stay up all night-er. There was so much suspense, so much tension dripping from the pages that I had no other option but to read it in 2.5 days flat. I haven’t done that with a book since Ted Dekker’s Circle series and that was a good year and a half ago. These toddlers and saints, you know.

But Allegiant ruined it. I think it took me a good two months to get through it. Where was the suspense? The Tension? Ms. Roth had such a good thing going with dragging out the relationship with Tris and Four, but the moment they were official, the squabbles began. I am not a fan of relationship squabbles. Boring. Bland. I think there could have been better methods to put tension back into the book. One page, they are mooning over each other, and the next, Tris is off to die and Four is mad. Oh wait! They are kissing! Nope, false alarm. Four won’t speak to Tris because she tried to die again. Oops Tris. Get with the picture.

You get my point.

Another issue was that all the questions from book one were already answered, and frankly, any new questions failed to intrigue me. The whole thing was set in Chicago? People were watching them? It could have been exciting, but I mourned the loss of the factions more than I was intrigued by the newest disaster.  The factions were the whole premise, and what made it so exciting and fresh. After book 1 they are still involved, but society ceases to exist within those confines.

It was exhilarating to read about the factions. To see the way Tris reacts in the Dauntless fear-scape. But once it becomes just Tris vs. a gun in her face, or Tris vs Four’s anger, I put the book down.

Don’t get me wrong, I still read to the end. Just not in 6 days flat like I should have if the series held my interest like it had for book 1. Despite disliking the second two books, I was satisfied when I set them down for good and returned them to the thrift store I work at for another person to be frustrated by.

Tris died. Finally. She had literally been asking for it from page one. She fulfills this morbid destiny and saves a lot of people’s free will in the process. Woohoo! Four continues on, sad, but he is recovering. Readers are left with a sense of accomplishment. You know Tris’s sacrifice came at a cost but that it was worth it.

I appreciate this kind of ending. Others may not, but then there’s that free will Tris saved. My over all review? Three out of five stars. Maybe the next series from Ms. Roth will be better.